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18 - August - 2013

Articulating Dragon Project (Merrick’s 2nd Birthday)


I decided a while ago that Merrick’s 2nd Birthday gift would be my 1st attempt to do an articulating pull-toy. Since Merrick loves dragons, I decided to build the one above from a plan out of the many of the woodworking magazines I have collected over the years. My Daughter loves the color purple so I have decided the body will be Purple Heart. I am using a really nice aged Walnut for the haunches, tail and crown. I will use Lace Wood for the wings to give then a scaly look with Walnut bones. Everything else I will play by ear.

A quick inventory of available wood in my shop found I did not have a piece of Purple Heart big enough for the body. I do however, have a nice piece of Blood Wood I picked up at an estate sale. So Blood wood it is.

I have been anxious to see how the Blood Wood looks and how it is to mill. It is a very dense wood that should look great and be very durable.

BTW, his Birthday is the 20th. We have a family tradition of being procrastinators and always waiting til the last minute to get things done. Pressure is on we will see if I can make the 20th deadline.

First step will be going over the plans and seeing what I will need, other than the wood I already have, to complete the project.

Wow, This is going to be a challenge! Not sure where I will find some of the parts (Pivot pins, axles, etc.) but I am off to see what is available in the area. I will be hitting local craft, home improvement, and furniture repair stores to find the axles, dowels, and nails called for in the plan. Hopefully I will find what I need and not have to order anything from the Internet. Time is short, I may need to do some improvising if I cannot find what I need. Wish the plans were a little more explicit about what the cams and pivot rods are made from. Assumption is all wooden dowels.

Good news I found what I needed after 3 or 4 hours visiting every local craft, home improvement, and furniture repair store. I have laid out all the wood I need and printed copies of all the patterns so I will need to cut out the parts. Goal for tomorrow is to get all the parts cut out and shaped.

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19 - June - 2012

Weekend Pen Press

I have been using a Rockler Pen vice I bought when I first started making Pens. It is an adequate pen vice for drilling blanks; but a poor substitute for a pen assembly press. I knew there had to be a better way without spending a lot for one of those on the pen making web sites. So I did a little web search to find shop made pen assembly press plans.

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19 - June - 2012

Weekend Pen Box

Weekend Pen Box

Finished pen boxes. One lined with black felt.

I got the idea for this pen box from a friend. I was at his house looking at a commemorative pen he was given for retirement and was impressed with the design of the pen box. I took some pictures and spent a couple days figuring out how I could make my own.

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19 - March - 2011

Pen On a Wim


Pen using Jatoba (Brazilian Cherry)

Yesterday I got an E-Mail from Woodzone letting me know there were slots empty in their Saturday Morning Pen Turning class for beginners.  So I send an email to a couple friends seeing if anyone wanted to take the class. Bill E-Mailed back asking for more information. I called him and explained what the class entailed and the cost. During the conversation I told him one of the reasons I was interested was in finding a use for a ton of Red Oak scrape and other wood scrapes I had accumulated that would make great pen blanks. That did it he was definitely interested for the same reason. I told him to expect me at his house at 0700.

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27 - February - 2011

A Special Cradle for a Special Grandchild

This project started when I learned from Windy I was about to become a 1st time Grandfather. I volunteered to build a cradle for the little guy. I left the design of the cradle up to her. Well she decided on a one based on a 17th century cradle she saw in one of my British woodworking magazines.

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12 - November - 2010

My latest Project – Flag Case

I have built three flag cases to date. All are based on the design I used for the award case I built in 2008. I like the design because it makes it easy to replace the glass if it should break or get scratch.

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22 - September - 2010

Memory Lane

A couple months ago I was visiting Mom. One of the projects I took on was replacing her old shed with a new one. As I emptied the old shed I ran across a metal box with slides. Mom had no idea what they were or when they were taken so I volunteered to take them home and convert them to JPEGs.

What an experience. Turns out the slides were from 1961 -1963. There were pictures of our old house on Higgins street, Pictures of our camp outs at Jacks Camp Ground, Gary with his Howdy Dody puppet, all of us at Christmas showing off our pistols and cowboy outfits, the serf board and boat Grandpa Jensen built and so much more. Even more interesting is there are pictures of Grandpa and Grandma Ingling, Grandpa and Grandma Jensen and Mom in a bathing suit and what looks like a hang mans noose after an automobile accident.

Check it out, Mom, Karen, Gary and Karl will enjoy the memories; the kids will enjoy seeing what we looked like then; and the grand and great grand kids will see pictures of their Great Grand parents they have probably never seen.

Remember these slides have been sitting in a metal box for over 40 years in extreme temperature and humidity. In fact Barbara made me convert them when she was not in the room due the the musty smell. All things considered they came out pretty good.

The following link will take you to the Memory Lane album in my Owlcroft gallery:

Enjoy, I know I did!

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10 - January - 2010

Winchester W5 Plane

I am going to take a “Restore an Antique Hand Plane” class at Woodzone in Columbia, SC on the 23rd of January for a couple reasons. First, I have a lot of tools I have collected over the years that need some TLC, so what I learn in class will help me get them back in shape. Second, it got me to look up the Winchester W5 Plane on the Internet to see if it was an antique and what it was worth, if anything. Turns out, after looking at a couple sites that specialize in antique planes, it is worth approximately $250 in its current condition. Not bad for an old plane gathering dust on a shelf in my workshop.

The decision I have to make is whether or not to restore it in the class or possible sell it on E-Bay or one of the other on-line auctions like Craig’s list. If there is one thing you learn from the Antiques Road Show and similar programs is never restore an Antique; it destroys the value. For me the answer is easy. I am not a big fan of purchasing or owning antiques that I cannot use. So the plane gets restored and put to good use in my shop. I will be sharing what I learn in class and posting pictures of the restored plane in a future post.

I do have a lot of other older tools, to include a Monkey Wrench from a Model “A” toolbox, I have collected over the years. Most are in fair to good shape. I have to admit, learning what the Winchester Plane was worth has peaked my curiosity. I plan on using it as an excuse to dig them out and find out if I have any more treasures hidden away on a shelf gathering dust. Should be interesting.

Have you looked at those old tools gathering dust on a shelf in the back of your Shop lately? Check them out you may be surprised by the forgotten hidden treasures you find.


Whinchester W5 Plane

Whinchester W5 Plane

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09 - January - 2010

Our New Kitty!

Today we were at Pet Smart after a heads up from a friend they had a Blue Eyed Siamese kitten up for adoption. Well to make a long story short, Barbara took one look and it was Kitty love at first sight.

The reason we wanted a Siamese is their personality.  Barbara loves their independence while I just wanted a cat that made noise so I would be able to know it was around. I gave up long ago expecting any cat that spends time with Barbara to spend much time with me. She has a way of creating a bond with cats overtime that is truly amazing. Who knows, since I am retired with more time to give the cat attention maybe this one will be different.

More about the cat. He is a typical Siamese male. He constantly meows as he explores his new domain. One of the first things he found was his food and water, followed by a trip to the Cat box. We were amazed, and relieved, at the care he took to bury his business once he finished. When he was done he had piled all the sand in his kitty box in the middle of the box. Thank goodness, it smelled like a toxic dump site on a warm summer day when I passed while he was still doing his thing. Good news is since Barbara is the main cat person in the family she is the primary kitty box cleaner.

He already has a favorite toy (see below). It is a little fur mouse hanging on his scratching post. Barbara has decided we will not declaw this one after the problems Casper (our previous Siamese).  Good thing about getting him young is it will be easy to make him an indoor cat only. Both Barbara and I both agree it is better for him and other creatures like birds, moles, squirrels, etc. Most Vets will tell you cats live longer and are much healther if they are kept indoors.

You may be wondering why I have not mentioned his name. The Shelter calls him Harry. Barbara wants to wait a couple days to get to know him to decide if she wants to keep that name or give him another name. Only time and how he interacts with Barbara will tell. For now it is Harry.

You can check out Harry’s first pictures on our on-line gallery:


Kitty with his new favorite toy.

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14 - September - 2009

A Tale of 3 Napkin Holders – Part 3

Now that I finished the Copper & Napkin Caddy it is time to tackle the Basic Napkin Holder This one presented me with a couple new challenges. First is building the u-shaped sides and attaching them and the second is turning the bar. I had a couple options for attaching the u-shaped sides to the base. First is to drill two holes through the base into each side of the u-shaped sides and second was to use dowels to attach them. Using the first method is easiest, but the second method attached them solidly without having to worry about the screw heads showing in the finished project. I could drill a pilot hole that set the head deep enough to hid the screw head with a plug. But I finally settled on using dowels; they provided both the strength and look I wanted. The plan included a template I used when turning the rod. I glued two pieces of the select pine, I used in the project, together for the rod to insure I could match the finish. Now I am ready to start the project.

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